Private practice

I run a private practice from my lovely calm home here in Wakefield. My Yoga practice includes teaching breath work,relaxation and meditation.. I start early as morning Yoga gives you the opportunity to set yourself up for a busy productive day by creating calmness, clarity and focus without having to find time to fit it in during workdays.


For ladies I work on the whole physical body but there are specific Asanas for alleviating menopause and menstrual symptons plus we work on the core and strengthening the pelvic floor area which affords us greater control and confidence in this area and ultimately we are working towards a lean, toned and flexible body that is totally fit for purpose.


Men are a completely different breed and have slightly different needs. They tend to be less flexible in general and can have issues from past sports injuries including knee and lower back problems. They also don't really accept that  it's ok to relax and no lycra needs to be involved.  Practicing patience, finding clarity, flexing and strengthening the physical body as well as creating calmness and energy which then flows effortlessly into your work day makes you far more effective and less irritable at home and in the work place. We work on challenges specifically that men have  in a safe and supportive environment.

Absolute Beginers

My sessions are primarily aimed at complete begginers to give you the confidence in moving your Yoga practice forward without feeling intimidated in a class.

Just bring yourself and an open mind

I provide mats, other props and nice chilled water so just bring yourselves in comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. A second layer or blanket may be needed for the cool down relaxation session at the end.



90 minute consultation £75 (free if you go on to book a 10 session block).

In this in depth consultation we look at lifestyle including work, nutrition, stress levels and community support. I will test your flexibility and strength and show you a couple of asanas and breathing techniques that you can take home to practice.From this I can tailor a bespoke block of sessions which will address all your needs and any issues to be resolved - physically and emotionally.


Block of ten 60 minute sessions £350 ( 1 to 1 )

Ten sessions is a commitment from you and during this time we can build a regular Yoga practice that you can do at home on a regular basis and it will also give you the confidence to go into a class.

Half day experience £145 - £200 for 2 people sharing.

This is a 3 and a half hour experience which on consultation, includes a private yoga, meditation and breath class ending with a nurturing  Ayurvedic Indian head and back  massage - a complete and totally indulgent "feel good"experience.


One off session £40.

If you just fancy a bit of a taster session maybe a stretch, chill out every so often ( subject to availability).

Drop in classes.

Oulton Institute



LS26 8SX

Wednesday evenings at 5.45 - 7pm

Blocks of 10 = £60


Just call if you want to know more

If you have any doubts, concerns or questions please feel free to contact me in which ever way you prefer.


Yoga Coaching

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