To Bind

The word Yoga is derived from the sanskrit root yup meaning to bind, join attach and yoke. It also means complete union of mind and body.

No religion matters to Yoga neither does age, gender or culture. Through the very basics of breathing and simple asanas everyone can participate and benefit.

For Everyone

Here in the West individuals have entered into all forms of exercise and sport from athletics to aerobics and from football to golf and this usually ends up with some form of injury somewhere down the line. By introducing some form of Yoga these injuries and stresses could be greatly reduced, big football teams like Manchester City employ full time Yoga teachers to increase the longevity of their players.

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Turn Back The Clock

It's a myth that as we age we will naturally become hunched and round shouldered this is solely down to sitting for long periods of time resulting in poor posture. Not only does Yoga correct this, certain Asanas stimulate and regenerate the internal organs like the heart, liver, kidneys and colon which leads to healing. Back pain is the number one complaint that doctors have to deal with and it's my belief that most could be rectified by a simple 10 minute stretch twice a day.

More than just stretching

There are what we call "The 8 Limbs" in Yoga and the Asanas are just one. It's important that the other 7 are acknowledged as they are just as vital. I touch on the first 4 in my coaching and go into more detail in my half day experiences. Yoga is not an exercise it's a complete philosophy - a blueprint for a happy and healthy life.