Lots of people are now seeing the benefits of a plant based diet as a sustainable way to live.

From their own health care to animal welfare and sustainability of the planet, plant-based is big news and for all the right reasons.

Whether you want to cold turkey over-night or slowly transition I can help and guide you into a better way of living. The benefits of not consuming animal products are many including;

Less heart disease, diabetes, strokes and cancer. Weight loss and management are so much easier, increased energy levels and general overall health and vitality and not to mention a healthier bank balance!

If we all just cut back on 20% of our animal consumption it would cause a massive positive change for us as individuals and the collective.

It needn’t be scary or feel unattainable, it’s a simple process of making small changes on a daily basis that will lead to big benefits down the line.

I help and support you through this transitional period by working on mindset and the emotions through to practical meal plans and how to navigate a supermarket or restaurant challenge.

Please get in contact for more information and cost - everyone is different and I’m more than happy to have a chat as to what you need and how I can help and support you.