About Me

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The early years

As a child of the sixties, the world growing up was a very different place to what it is now. We had structure, rules, boundaries and very set conditioning all of which there is very little evidence of these days.

Growing up

Navigating the changes from a naive teenager into a middle age empty nester in a changing world was challenging, overwhelming and confusing. 

Like many women my age, I did my best to make it all work.  But it was like I always needed more hours in the day and I was always running on empty.

Not all plain sailing

Despite giving it my best shot, I still faced "grown-up" challanges such as  divorce,  children leaving home, financial uncertainty,  weight gain, lack of physical strength and flexibility, depression, anxiety and on top of that knowing “what the hell to wear” 

I tried so many diets you wouldn’t believe, from low carb, low fat to intermittent fasting and juicing I had a go at them all with little or no long term benefits.  And as for exercise fads I tried, that list is a long one too. Step classes, zumba, body building (ouch), jogging and even spinning, there isn’t anything that involves wearing lycra I had not tried. 

Life was starting to feel like an inevitable journey into old age. And joy seemed to be something I could only dream of.

A new direction

Then just as I thought I had to accept my lot in life, I found my answer, on a mat.

In 1999 I walked into my first Yoga class, and although I didn't know it at the time, it was the start of a journey this was to change my life.

In the years since that first class, I have changed my career, my relationships, my physical body and my mindset to make this one of the most fulfilling and productive times of my entire life. Although it’s been a long journey with constant learning,  it’s a fantastic time to be in.

More than just touching my toes

Yoga practice and the philosophy around it have allowed me to realise the benefits of youth are completely outweighed by the wisdom, contentment and opportunities available to women of a certain age if we choose to take them.

We don’t have to worry about proving ourselves, men (or anyone) liking us, wearing the latest fashions or spending our early mornings perfecting our eyebrows. And we certainly don’t have to accept declining health, second-rate treatment, elasticated pants or sensible shoes - EVER.

Where I am today

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Teaching people about Yoga, Ayurveda, walking in nature, and learning to prepare beautiful and nurturing foods have become my passions. 

I can sum up a lot of what I have learned on my journey in this simple quote...

Ageing Is A Choice - Make A Different One.


My journey continues, want to join me?

Sue x